Songwriters in the Round ~ Live in the Lyre

Lyre Room - Burrinja Cultural Centre, 351 Glenfern Road, Upwey

On 19th August four of our most talented local songwriters, Clint Wilson, Carolyn Oates, Sadie Mustoe and Benoit, come together in the cosiness of the Lyre Room to explore the mysterious art of songwriting.

Each songwriter in turn will discuss their creative process, what sparked this particular song, how it took shape, how the meaning developed and how it bloomed into the song it currently is. The show includes performances from each artist exposing the songs in their rawest forms. Questions from the other songwriters, as well as questions from the audience are encouraged to help develop the conversation and explore the diverse approaches that exist within songwriting. If you are someone who loves songwriting, someone that is interested in the creative process, or simply someone that wants to hear some moving songs and the journeys behind them, this is for you!

Tickets - $30