Benoit is a Folk singer-songwriter hailing from the Eastern hills of Melbourne, Australia. The music of Benoit is melodic and reflective, with soulful lyrics. 

“His lyrical imagery encapsulates the brokenness of humankind, but also the beauty of creation” - Phil Sheppard (Ol’ Shep) 

In relating to the human condition and the issues of the day, Benoit seeks to present another narrative, one full of beauty, love and life. 

“To hear folk music that is very much of the 60’s era but is well and truly sitting in the 2000’s needs talent to undertake and that is no easy task...Folk music is ever evolving but needs to remain within its given genre and Benoit manages this very adeptly” - Tony Bates (3MDR) 

Offering a uniquely modern Australian sound rooted within the folk traditions of the 60’s era, Benoit provokes his audience to consider another perspective and think deeply about the everyday things of life.